Frequent Asked Questions

1.How can I charge Veiled Solar Charger?

Veiled Solar charger can be charged either directly from the sunlight or through an electricity socket by using the USB cable to connect with your charger. It takes approximately 24 hours for Veiled Solar Charger to be fully charged from the sun and around 6 hours to be fully charged from the socket.

2.How long does it take for my phone to be fully charged?

The approximate time for charging your phone device 100% is 1.5 hours.

3. What kind of devices can I charge with Veiled Solar Charger?

All electronic devices with a capacity of 5 W can be charged. In reality, this accounts for pretty much all the big brand phones, tablets, laptops and cameras, but you should check this before using the charger.

4. How can I see that the Veiled Solar Charger is charging?

By pressing the ON button. The LED lights on the side indicate the amount of remaining battery.

5. Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is one year product guarantee. The guarantee policy will only apply with a valid receipt from Veiled Group’s online store. For more information please visit our Warranty Policy.

6. Is Veiled Solar Charger waterproof?

No. Veiled Solar Charger is not waterproof and should be protected from water. At the times when Veiled Solar Charger is not in use you should keep in a dry safe place.

7. How can I register a distributor’s form for wholesale transactions?

Please contact us on in order to request our Distributor Registration Form.