The world's first wooden solar charger.

Charge everything. Anywhere.

Batteries running low? No wall socket around?

At work, at the beach, travelling, or just on the go. Always have access to your devices with Veiled Solar Charger, the durable, wooden solar charger for wherever your day takes you.

How VEILED Works

VEILED Charger

Plug & Charge. The Sun does the rest.

Put Veiled Solar Charger into sunlight and it will start charging the internal battery automatically through the built-in light sensors. Simply plug in your devices!

Sun -> VEILED -> Battery

Say Hello To:

Access to Energy Everywhere

The Veiled Solar Charger will automatically charge in sunlight, or directly from a power socket on rainy days. Wherever you are, you will always have a charged ready-to-use battery pack with you.

Dual USB Ports

Charge up to 2 devices with the built-in dual-port. Charge your tablet, laptop, camera or phone, or simply any other device that is charged by USB or micro USB.

Heat Resistant Material

You can easily pick up and move your Veiled Solar Charger when it has been lying under the sun for hours. Since wood transmits 7000 times less heat than aluminum, and 1650 times less than steal, you will enjoy using it on sunny days and hot beaches since it will never become too hot to hold.

Stunning Wooden Design

The Veiled Solar Charger is not just another solar-charged battery pack. Veiled is crafted out of beautiful teak wood, a wood praised for its aesthetic appearance and its thermal qualities. It’s a sleek, minimalistic charger you actually want to use.

Internal Safety Systems

The Veiled Solar Charger has many built-in safety features to prevent overload, overcharging and short circuit. It will automatically stop charging your device when the battery is full.


Dimensions: 16.2cm x 10cm x 2cm
Weight: 387gr
Power Display: 4 LED indicators
Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer
Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
Solar Cells: Monocrystalline silicon
OUTPUT1 Voltage: 5V DC, 1000mA
OUTPUT2 Voltage: 5V DC, 1000mA
DC charging time:  6 hours
Solar charging time: 25 hours
DC charge voltage: 5V
Charge current: 2000mA MAX

Power Your Day, Empower The Planet.

We live in a time where a move to renewable energy sources is not just a lifestyle choice, it’s a crucial shift in mindset. We wanted to design a product that gives individuals like you the access to tap into an all-abundant source of energy wherever you are. To power all of your devices. To run your day. And to support and spread a more conscious and considerate mentality towards sustainable sources of energy.

A Little About Us

Veiled Group is based on a world-wide collaboration of professionals from all around the world, ranging from Cyprus, Hong Kong, US, Bulgaria, Germany, to Netherlands, Spain and Argentina. Our logo, the “Veiled Chameleon” is a species of chameleon that is able to adapt to its surroundings depending on its environment. In the same way, we aim to adapt to the situation of our clients something that provides us with the ability to provide sleek and effective solutions.

Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, we work with the knowledge, professionalism and punctuality of a multinational firm and the empathy and enthusiasm of a small local company. Our belief in the importance of personal communication with each and every client commits us to seller-buyer relationships characterized by trust, something that fuels us to always strive in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Veiled Products is a design collection of appliances and accessories created through observation of daily challenges, combining efficiency and addressing needs brought into surface through well-thought and well-crafted products. Our collection is destined for a crowd of curious and creative individuals. “Our aim is to provide our customers with a quality that is better than it has to be, and this is our principle in everything we do.” Our first launching product VSC has been in the R&D area for too long but it’s worth the wait. VSC is a durable, sustainable product that gives you a low-barrier access to a renewable source of energy. It is lightweight, stylish in design and it is the first solar charger which incorporates wood as its primary material; it is available in two sizes and has the ability to boost multiple devices at the same time.

We believe that aesthetics matter for people to actually use a device every day. VSC is our effort, to synchronize people’s everyday life energy needs with the use of sustainable energy sources. After testing, experimenting and prototyping for 28 months, we’ve come to a perfect mix of powerful internal functionality, and stunning external aesthetics.

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